Porsche 911 Classic

The C9 RS Turbo, an inspired interpretation of this vision
Porsche 911 classic



This Porsche 911 classic configuration is the standard model specifically crafted for the enthusiast that intends to utilize their 911 on the street and spirited back county driving. 


This Porsche 911 classic configuration focuses on suspension, brake, wheel/tire and transmission gear changes that make the car more focused for track events.

Porsche 911 classic


Conceived for the enthusiast that appreciates Porsche’s motorsports tradition, the C9 RS Turbo is a Porsche 911 classic inspired interpretation of this heritage with nostalgic aesthetics, an amazing power to weight ratio and an analog driving experience.  The C9 RS Turbo focuses on the simplicity of form that make the early era 911 so desirable while respecting the sports purpose enhancements that make this car truly unique. 

Paint options

The C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo is available in 5 color schemes. Or we can create a custom scheme as part of your customization.
Outlaw Grey
Indigo Blue
Scarlet Red
Onyx Black
Glacier White
C9 RS Turbo Grey
Classic 9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Outlaw Grey
C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Blue
Classic 9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Indigo Blue


C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Red
C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Scarlet Red
C9 outlaw porsche 911
C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Onyx Black
outlaw porsche 911
C9 Porsche 911 RS Turbo Glacier White


Porsche 911 classic

Chassis & Body

Each Porsche 911 classic vehicle is built to order utilizing the clients existing chassis.  Chassis from years 1969-1989 are recommended and must possess a clean title registered in the clients name and in the state of residence.  The cars original VIN number will remain with the chassis upon completion of the cars transformation. The chassis is completely disassembled, stripped to bare metal, treated for rust prevention and reconstructed into its new configuration with strategic reinforcement and meticulous preparation.  New steel flared fenders uniquely shaped to replicate the early motorsports flares are grafted onto the body.  The front turn signals/running lamps are eliminated and relocated within 911R inspired openings under the headlights. 

Porsche 911 classic features

This feature gives the car a smooth and integrated look greatly enhancing the nose of the car.  A custom front air dam with integrated oil cooler openings and a new rear bumper are specifically crafted and contoured to align with both the front and rear fenders.  This very subtle feature creates a seamless transition to the body reminiscent of Porsche’s later 911 designs.  The rear tail lights are removed and 911R inspired tail lights are grafted into the body.  Completing the car is a custom rear wing which is an inspired interpretation of the evolution between the signature duct tail and the larger whale tail of the 70’s & 80’s. For final paint, clients can select any color from Porsche’s era color palettes. A subtle, yet enhancing, stripe and graphics are hand painted and beautifully blended to enhance the cars curves.  This is a unique feature that creates a signature element to the car and it’s inspired past. A Porsche 911 classic in the making.


The factory suspension geometry of this Porsche 911 classic is completely disassembled and modified in accordance with a Touring configuration.    The focus of this configuration is increased performance from stock while maintaining street ride quality which is so important to the overall driving experience.  This suspension features custom valved and externally adjustable Koni shocks that can be dialed in for spirited driving while providing a comfortable ride for long distances.  Front and rear torsion bars and all bushings are upgraded for added performance.   

C9 Porsche 911 classic brakes

Front and rear sway bars replicating the style utilized on the racing RSR’s of the 70’s are installed.  Standard brakes are new factory 930 Brembo calipers and ventilated rotors similar to the racing RSR’s of the era.  For the discerning enthusiast, beautifully recreated RSR style calipers can be provided at an additional cost.  For an additional cost, a Sport configuration utilizing 3-way coilover adjustable shocks and larger torsion bars can be provided for more track oriented driving.  Larger “big red” calipers & rotors can be provided based on larger wheel selection.

Wheels & Tires

Inspired by the racing wheels utilized in the early 70’s, the wheel style greatly enhances the overall look of this Porsche 911 classic.  Wheels can be provided in accordance with the following options:

Porsche 911 classic (RS Turbo) options

Option 1 – forged aluminum center lock wheels similar in style to the racing wheels of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Wheels can be finished in a variety of finishes per the client’s request.  Front wheels 8.5”x15; Rear wheels 10.5”x15”. Option 2 – forged aluminum wheels replicating the iconic Fuchs wheels synonymous with the Porsche 911. Wheels can be finished in a variety of finishes per the client’s request. Front wheels 9”x15; Rear wheels 11”x15” Avon tires featuring historic tread pattern similar to tires of the lates 60’s and early 70’s are utilized.  For a truly authentic appearance, Michelin TB-15 tires can be provided for an additional cost.  17” wheel & tire combination can be provided for an additional cost under Option 1 or Option 2 above.

Engine & Transmission

The 3.0 liter, turbo motor is the soul of this Porsche 911 classic and is finely crafted in both beauty and performance.  Rated at 420 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque at 3,400 rpm this bespoke power unit is meticulously developed, assembled and dyno tuned by iSystems.  Combined with a chassis curb weight of 2,340 lbs, this car delivers performance on par with some of the most elite cars developed by Porsche.

Engine specs for C9 Porsche 911 classic

  • 1974 911 Carrera RSR Turbo: 3.6 lbs/hp (1,808 lbs / 500 hp)
  • 2003 Carrera GT: 5.0 lbs/hp (3,042 lbs / 612 hp) 
  • 2020 C9 RS Turbo: 5.6 lbs/hp (2,340 lbs / 420 hp)
  • 2019 911 GT3 RS 6.1 lbs/hp (3,153 lbs / 520 hp)
  • 2019 911 GT3 Touring: 6.3 lbs/hp (3,116 lbs / 500 hp)
  • 2019 911 Turbo: 6.5 lbs/hp (3,517 lbs / 549 hp)

Engine specs include custom Mahle pistons, individual throttle body induction system, custom intercooler, coil-on-plug ignition, Motect ECU and custom ceramic coated exhaust sytem.  Simply stated, every component of this engine is meticulously designed and assembled to optimize power and performance. To handle the 380 lb-ft or torque, a Porsche G50 transmission is modified and assembled specifically for each car.  A limited-slip differential and light weight flywheel are standard for all transmissions.  Custom gear ratios can be provided at an additional cost.

Engine Cooling System

The factory engine oil cooler is eliminated and enhanced engine cooling is provided by custom dual oil coolers mounted in each front fender similar to the later model 964 & 993.  Custom shrouds for this Porsche 911 classic are fabricated around each cooler and are fed by special openings in the front spoiler.  Thermostatically controlled fans are integrated into each shroud to aid cooling in stop and go traffic.  Each oil cooler is plumbed with custom fabricated hard lines and flexible connections at junction points.  A side oil tank similar to the 1972 911 oil tank can be incorporated for better weight distribution.


The interior is crafted to embrace the simplicity to form and function that best characterizes the interiors of early Porsche 911’s.  The seats are custom leather sports seats inspired by the touring/competition seats of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Seats can be provided in Touring or Competition configurations and come standard with heater strips in both the seat bottom and back.  Each seat is conceptually designed in house and meticulously assembled with a focus on detail.  The rear seats are deleted in the spirit of the original RS and a custom German square weave carpet is installed throughout.  The dash, door panels and sun visors are recovered in supple leather.  A custom milled stainless steel shift knob is artfully matched with a custom stitched Nardi steering wheel which provides the perfect connection to the car through the sculpted finger edges of the rim and perforated leather texture. 

Porsche 911 classic luggage compartment

The front luggage compartment is finished in a light weight perlon fabric molded to the contours of the chassis.  A custom fuel tank, full size spare wheel/tire, front strut tie-bar and custom battery box are all are standard features.  The overall presentation of the compartment is highly refined yet in character with the car.   A competition style roll bar and 5-point driver & passenger harnesses can be provided at an additional cost.

Gauges & Electrical

The original cockpit gauges are fully disassembled and rebuilt utilizing LED internal lighting.  The LED lighting transforms the classic VDO gauges into timeless instrumentation.  The factory clock is eliminated and replaced with a combined turbo boost/volt meter in the matching style of the factory gauges.   

A custom wiring harness is installed and connected to a modern “blade type” fuse box.  Headlights are upgraded to modern LED units mounted behind early era Bosch lenses to maintain the classic look of the car.


Starting at $595,000

Every Classic 9 vehicle is one of a kind. Upon request we’ll create an individualized proposal outlining your options and configurations.

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