Est. 2015
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Classic 9 Motorwerks specializes in 911 restoration with the singular vision of developing an inspired 911 influenced by Porsche’s motorsport heritage.

Jason Faulkner’s passion for Porsches began in early 70’s while observing the evolution of the racing 911 RSR’S to the wide body turbo 935’s at regional IMSA races.  It was this time period in Porsche’s history that became a major influence.  As a respected and licensed architect of 25+ years, Jason has a keen eye for aesthetics and detail that is identifiable in every aspect of Jason’s 911 restoration vehicles.  

Porsche 911 Restoration 

According to Jason, “There is a universal language of design that transcends the disciplines of architecture, automotive, industrial and product design.  This is best exemplified by Porsche’s current automotive line paralleled with the Porsche Design Studio’s work in providing industrial and product design services”. As an architect, the process of design through construction has similarities to the automotive industry in how a car is designed and produced.  At its core is the fundamental understanding of component properties, appropriate uses, and manufacturing techniques to achieve the objective aesthetic and best overall performance”. It’s through this perspective that has allowed Classic 9, a custom Porsche 911 shop, the opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the best craftsmen and industry experts.  Levon Pentecost, founder of iSystems, has been an integral influence since the inception of Classic 9 Motorwerks. The turbo motor is the key component to the concept of the 911 RS Turbo and the performance goals and development objectives had to be conceptually evaluated from the beginning of the project.   Levon’s 45 years + of racing and engine building knowledge has been a truly unique asset to the creation of this car.  His relationships with industry leading manufacturers has allowed the creation of custom-components based on specific performance criteria.  iSystem’s in-house dynamometer and spintron allow data acquisition and valve train analysis that elevates engine development to an expert craft far exceeding the mainstream practice of assembling catalog components. The stewardship of the classic Porsche 911 restoration industry seems to have a bright future in the years to come. Classic 9 Motorwerks looks forward to being a part of this future of 911 restoration through new clients and meeting enthusiasts that share the same passion and vision!

Porsche 911 restoration

Jason has been working on early era Porsche 911’s for the past 25 years and has built and raced a 1973 911 RSR replica in regional vintage racing events for the past 16 years.