C9 Porsche 911 CS Clubsport

Clubsport is a heritage inspired evolution of the 911 ST
Porsche 911 CS



Conceived for the enthusiast that desires the recipe for the ultimate lightweight 911, Classic 9’s Clubsport is a heritage inspired evolution of the 911 ST.

Porsche 911 CS


The 911 ST was homologated for Group 3 & Group 4 competition as Porsche’s top of the line sports version of the 911 between 1969-1972.  911 S-T was the factory’s internal designation for a 911S minus the comfort equipment separating the 911S and 911E from the basic, yet lighter, 911T.  ST’s were constructed by Porsche competition department with a host of performance upgrades.  Most notable were steel 9” fender flares front and rear, wider wheels and no rear tail.  Influences from the 1967 911R’s recipe for lightweight were applied in the use of aluminum for the decklid and fiberglass & balsa wood front hood. Engine displacement was enlarged to 2.5L utilizing mechanical fuel injection.   ST’s were raced throughout Europe and became the 911 of choice for IMSA’s 1972 GT series.

Porsche 911 CS


Standard features:

911 chassis 1969-1986

9” front & rear steel fender flares similar to the original race cars.

Custom front and rear bumpers inspired by the original factory option.

15”/16” diameter rims 8” front & 9” rear either Fuchs or classic Minilites

915 transmission w/ limited slip differential and special gear ratios.

Custom sport shocks, torsion bars and performance bushings

Porsche Boxster calipers and rotors

3.5L performance engine featuring:
Individual throttle bodies (ITB) induction
Twin plug ignition
Motec engine management system
Stainless steel exhaust

LED headlights & cockpit gauge lighting

Leather dash, door panels & custom sport seats

German square weave carpet

Air conditioning


Starting at $435,000 

Every Classic 9 vehicle is one of a kind. Upon request we’ll create an individualized proposal outlining your options and configurations.

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