C9 Porsche 914 GT6

A heritage inspired evolution of the original 914/6
Porsche 914 GT6



Conceived for the enthusiast that has a connection with the 914, Classic 9’s GT6 is a heritage inspired evolution of the original 914/6.

Porsche 914 classic


The 914 was conceived as a collaboration between Volkswagen and Porsche to develop an affordable sportscar.  Known at the 914  with a 4-cylinder VW engine and the 914/6 with a 6-cylinder Porsche engine both models were sold under the North American Porsche banner from 1969-1976. 

In Europe the 914/6 was homologated to race under FIA Group 4 race car regulations.  Designated the 914/6 GT, it was distinguished by its bulging fender flares. Originally powered by a 2.0L 6-cylinder engine and overall weight of just under 2,000 lbs., the 914/6 GT finished 1st in GT category and 6th overall at the 1970 24 Hours of Lemans.  In the United States, the 914/6 GT entered by Brumos Racing and driven by Peter Greg and Hurley Haywood,  became the under 2.5L Champion in IMSA’s 1971 GT Series.

Porsche 914 classic


Standard features:

  • Front & rear steel fender flares similar to the original race cars.
  • Custom front and rear bumpers
  • 15”/16” diameter rims 8” front & 9” rear either Fuchs or classic Minilites
  • 915 transmission w/ limited slip differential and special gear ratios.
  • Coilover suspension w/ performance bushings
  • Porsche Boxster calipers and rotors
  • 3.5L performance engine featuring:
    Individual throttle bodies (ITB) induction
    Twin plug ignition
    Motec engine management system
    Stainless steel exhaust
  • LED headlights & cockpit gauge lighting
  • Leather dash, door panels & custom sport seats
  • German square weave carpet


  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo


Starting at $435,000

Every Classic 9 vehicle is one of a kind. Upon request we’ll create an individualized proposal outlining your options and configurations.

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